America Bangladesh University strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

Professor Dr. Md Ataur Rahman Miazi


America Bangladesh University
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A place to learn and grow together

America Bangladesh University is a place where environment is congenial to acquire knowledge & very pleasant for movement. Homely for social gathering.

The institution provides all sorts of facilities to its learners. University has a vast area of land where Academic building, administrative building and other ancillary building have been setup like picturesque. Modern amenities and technological facilities ,Digital opportunities are available for all pupil. Students can enjoy in the campus area outdoor and indoor games simultaneously. Cultural center would create mental cheerfulness open playground help them to keep physically sound and provide robust health. High frequency wifi zone assist all members to avail electronic facilities and communicate home and abroad. A rich library infuses students to quench the thirst to gather knowledge.

Why America Bangladesh University?

Multifarious School

America Bangladesh University is enriched with multifarious school's like School of Science,School of Applied Science, School of Business, School of Humanities, School of Computer Science & many more

Language Learning

It is the need of present world to communicate with variety of languages.With in this end and view America Bangladesh University has taken initiative to tech highly demanding language rather then mother tongue. Language to be taught is English.

Ideal Classroom

Effective teaching is possible by the teachers when both teachers and students are in a ideal classroom.A classroom must have modern facilities like internet connection,proper seating accommodation, required training aids.America Bangladesh University ensured all above opportunities in all class rooms.

Student Clubs

America Bangladesh University has Students club also. Such as Debate Club, Cultural Club etc. With these club students are enriched in their practical life.


Presently America Bangladesh University is flourished with highly demanding subjects. It will increase in coming days. Syllabus has been designed to face the modern challenging world and approved by U.G.C.

Financial Aid

The scholarship and financial aid policy will be provided by America Bangladesh University have become sources of great encouragement to meritorious but financially constrained students. The academic world has greeted this policy pursed by America Bangladesh University enthusiastically.

America Bangladesh University is a wonderful place to work. The University is well organized and efficient. For nearly decade, America Bangladesh University has continued to grow into an ever more extraordinary university. Our ability to embrace our diversity and support all who make up this remarkable community will help ensure our continuing success.


Chairman, America Bangladesh University

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The Campaign for the America Bangladesh University is the largest fundraising campaign in history. With a historic  goal, the campaign is expanding U of T’s global leadership capacity.

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We are offering different undergraduate programs under different departments. Our curriculum is designed to help the students to develop the skills required for 21st-century employment.

Graduated & Professional

We are offering various graduate and professional programs. Our curriculum is designed to help the students to develop the skills required for 21st-century employment.

Scholarships & Financial AID

We make sure all our students get the help they need to complete the degree. Scholarships are available for students with excellent academic results as well as for the students who are struggling financially.

Because you deserve to shine.