EMBA In Finance/Marketing/Accounting/HRM



Regulations for Business Faculty

for EMBA Program

(1 Year 48 credits), 2020

(Effective from session: 2020-2021)

ABU Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) program prepare for the working and executives / managers with confidently changing business environments. They can comfortably be achieved EMBA degree from ABU. The compulsory courses allow students to develop business skills. They can then build on these by selecting one specialist areas including Accounting, Management, Marketing and Finance & Banking.

Admission Requirements:

Students from all disciplines are eligible to be admitted into the EMBA Program in the first year, first semester of EMBA in approved Online based admission procedures. Students should apply in the University Online Admission Portal. A combined score is developed based on marks in the BBA & BBA (Hon’s) CGPA minimum 2.0 out of 4 and Bachelor degree 3.5 out of 5 or 2.0 out of 4 or minimum 2nd class and two years of work experience must be needed.

The Program

EMBA program will be a one-year program, where teaching and examination of allocated courses for a specific semester would be finished within six months. Students will automatically be transferred to the next semester after examination adjourned the results.

Duration and Credit: The duration of EMBA Program is one year divided into two semesters. A total of 45 credit hours are required to complete by the students in 15 courses with viva-voce examination an Internship, presentation/Project Paper with Defense at the end of year.

Major course: In the 2nd semesters students will determine their major area where they will have three subjects from major subjects such as Accounting, Management Studies, Marketing, and Finance & Banking. The basic structure of the one- year EMBA Program will be as follows:



Semester Common Courses (Credit X Course) Project Report& presentation with Defense/Viva Voce Total Credit


First Year First Semester 3X7 21
Second Semester 3 X8 3 non credit 24
Total Total 15 Courses 45 Credit

Classes will be held on only Saturday and Friday. Class Time 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.  


Change of the rules:

ABU may time to time promote the existing rules for (EMBA)Any Program. The University will, also make any further clarification in regards to rules relating to examinations if needed.