Academic Rules & Regulations

  1. Expectations from students
  1. Violations of the Code of Conduct and Penalties

Violation of any part of this rule may result in the commission of a major or minor offense, and student violators will be immediately referred to the Disciplinary Committee for the appropriate sanctions. A minor offense will result in a reprimand/censure including a permanent note in the student’s file, or to a suspension of one to three days. A major offense will result in suspension, dismissal or expulsion.

Classification of Offences

  1. Minor Offences
  1. Major offences
  1. Acts of Academic Dishonesty, including:
  1. Any conduct, expression or language considered improper in interacting with faculty member, university official and staff;
  2. Disorderly actions or committing any lewd act including indecent or uncalled for remarks or exposure that demonstrate obscene conduct indecency;
  3. Disobedience, interference, resistance, or failure to comply with the directive of an identified university official on duty;
  4. Behavior, inside or outside the campus, which damages university image.
  1. Acts of Deception, including:
  1. Possession, sale and/or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in any form within the campus;
  1. Possession, distribution or perusal of pornographic materials;
  1. Possession and/or use of weapons, including:
  1. Causing fear and apprehension using misrepresentation, misinformation, force or coercion to solicit support, signatures or participation in activities of a subversive nature or detrimental to the normal functioning of the university;
  1. Property Damage, including:
  1. Theft, including:
  1. Tampering ,with elevators, security devices such as doors and locks, university equipment such as computers and electronics and/or other university equipment;
  2. Vandalism or destruction of university property belonging to any member of the faculty, administration non-teaching staff;
  3. Having been convicted of a criminal offense by a court of law;
  4. Eve-teasing, molestation or sexual harassment;
  5. Membership in subversive organization(s);
  6. Membership (active or inactive) in illegal organization(s);
  7. Committing any act punishable under the existing law of the land within and outside the campus, and violation of the laws of the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission;
  8. Using the names and seals of the university on printed matters such as progress reports, invitation, announcement, ticket, certificate, etc. without the permission of the university or an authorized representative. Likewise, representing the university whether individually or in groups, in and off campus conferences, seminars, congresses, rallies, assemblies, congregations, etc. without authorization from the university officials.