Why Choose ABU

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Why Choose ABU Multifarious School America Bangladesh University is enriched with multifarious school’s like School of Science, School of Applied Science, School of Business, School of Humanities, School of Computer […]

General Information

General Information America Bangladesh University is the first university in Bangladesh UN’s commitment to sustainable practice of higher Education Institution. America Bangladesh University Others Name ABU Chancellor Abdul Hamid, Honorable […]

Facts About ABU

Definition of education

The Facts of America Bangladesh University Every University is the best by its own self claiming fact. But how University like ABU can be best : Great opportunity for the […]

International Recognition

International Recognition of America Bangladesh University Lots of Bangladeshi University is recognized internationally. All government universities and top private universities are well recognized internationally. You can transfer your credits here […]

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Vision The vision of America Bangladesh University (ABU) is to become a leading university and remain as a top center of excellence in higher education and research. It aims at […]

Brief History

Brief History America Bangladesh University is committed to transferring the knowledge of past generations to succeeding generations for their mental, moral, and cultural growth. Its dedication to human achievement-academic,personal, and […]