Facts About ABU

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The Facts of America Bangladesh University

Every University is the best by its own self claiming fact. But how University like ABU can be best :

  1. Great opportunity for the students to pursue higher education in better universities since ABU has the best reputation and faculties are from top-tier universities.
  2. Job acceptance is the highest because alumni of ABU have the best performance in the industries that the industries seek employees and keep ABUers CV above all others.
  3. ABU grads are always short-listed candidates for job interviews.
  4. Researchers are being supported with the best facilities than other private universities.
  5. ABUers are everywhere from Microsoft to Uniliver to ACI ( I don’t think any mnc or local company doesn’t have ABU grads) and in higher positions.
  6. If ABUers are not doing jobs, then they are providing jobs i.e. they own businesses or are entrepreneurs.
  7. ABU has the highest values campus with the most facilities like = huge library, recreational center, International Standard Indoor and Outdoor playground, gym, the best auditorium of more than 1000 seats, top-class canteen, and internally renowned clubs.
  8. It is one of the oldest private university in Bangladesh since 1995.
  9. Not only brand value, to achieve good grades needs to be a great student makes the quality of education the best at ABU.
  10. All the Universities are more or like same, so every1 is in the competition since ABU started the first with the rich, higher educated and qualified governing body makes its development faster and will remain the same as we say the best.
  11. ABU will have permanent campus in the Kailail, Nawabgong new Dhaka city hundred times bigger than the present one.(43 acres land size)